Ancient Rome

A tour of the ancient city normally includes the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and an overview of Palatine Hill (3 hrs)

The Colosseum was the great amphitheatre built by emperor Vespasian in 72 AD to house animal hunts and gladiator combats and could contain some 65.000 people. Admission fee. (Colosseum ticket includes entrance to the Forum and Palatine).

Roman Forum: the central square of ancient Rome for politics, religious  ceremonies and triumphal parades. Inside this  area, excavated in modern age,  are ruins of ancient buildings  such as the temple dedicated to  Julius Caesar after his death, the temple of Vesta,  the Senate house, the Arch of Titus.  Admission fee.

If you wish to extend the lenght of the basic tour to 4 hours it would be possible to add one of these two sites: the Pantheon or St Clement’s basilica.

Palatine Hill: the cradle of Rome, where the  legendary foundation of the city  took place and where the Roman emperors had their magnificent palace. Admission fee.

Palatine Hill

Pantheon: a 2nd century AD temple dedicated to all the major gods, later  turned into a Christian church. One of the greatest architecture in the world especially for its dome. Free admission.

The Pantheon

St Clement’s: one of the most extraordinary examples of “layered” Rome. This basilica dedicated to Pope Clement is a journey through history as one explores its three different historical levels.

Entrance fee for the excavations levels

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