Baroque Rome

A stroll through the major squares of Rome where the 17th and 18th century artists created their masterpieces. Tour lenght 3hrs

Trevi fountain is probably the most famous of the Roman fountainsBuilt in 18th century by Nicola Salvi  is fed by an ancient Roman  acqueduct. Do not forget to toss your coin in the water!

Spanish steps a very scenographic stairway built in the 18th century to connect the hilltop area to the rest of the city. It gets its name from the nearby Spanish Embassy. In April it is all coloured by the  marvelous display of azalias.The area near the steps it is also famous for the elegant and expensive  designer stores.

Fountain of the 4 Rivers and piazza Navona this square was in antiquity the site of a Roman stadium built by emperor Domitian. Its oblong form still recalls the stadium  shape. At the centre Bernini created the fountain of the Four Rivers. Every year at Christmas time there is a traditional fair (not that traditional anymore, alas!).

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