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Borghese Gallery: set in one of the largest Rome’s public parks this gallery is really a gem. The palace built in the 17th century by the powerful cardinal Scipione Borghese houses some of the masterpieces of Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael. The collection is  beautiful and not exhausting at all . Reservation is required.


Capitoline museums: the oldest public collection in Rome. Antiquities, marble and bronze sculptures: amongst the famous artworks the Capitoline She WolfMarcus Aurelius equestrian statue, emperor Costantine’s statue gigantic marble fragments. There’s also a painting collection. Cafeteria with nice view over the city. Admission fee.

Museo Nazionale Romano: the Roman National Museum is divided in different buildings(see below). Admission fee.

Palazzo Massimo: which has an astonishing  collection of portraits, imperial statues, coins, and amazing 1st century B.C. paintings recovered in some Roman villas . It also houses the mummy of  a young girl found in the Rome’s outskirts. Do not miss the Discobolus(the Discus Thrower) and the 2 bronze absolute masterpieces: the Boxer and the Hellenistic Prince.(see my pictures in Flickr:// )

Terme di Diocleziano(Baths of Diocletian): in the area of the former Baths of Diocletian the museum houses antiquities such as tombs, utensils and  earthenware from the pre-Roman settlements. There is also an important epigraphic collection with inscriptions on marble, metal, and  brick. It is possible to visit one of the huge halls of the the ancient baths ( do not miss the Aula X /Hall # 10 before leaving the museum).

The magnificent cloister with garden probably after Michelangelo’s design is a silent oasis in the noisy city: you can sit here peacefully reading your guidebooks and making plans for your day.

Castel S. Angelo:this is a mausoleum/fortress/jail/museum. The perfect explanation to Rome’s nickname: the eternal city. it will be worth your while only for the stunning view from the top. Admission fee.

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