The Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere

The history of the Jews of Rome is the history of the city itself. The first Jews in fact arrived here some 2200 years ago and their community in Rome is one of the oldest in Europe. The Jewish Ghetto is an incredible blend of past and present, an area of great interest due to its complex stratification of archeology, history and architecture.

My tour will take you along main street with traditional shops and foods of the Ghetto, we’ll also explore the intricate maze of tiny streets, we’ll pass by the Synagogue and then we’ll walk on Tiberine island connected to the banks by ancient Roman bridges and heading to the right bank district of Trastevere where the Jews first settled.

Trastevere with its quaint atmosphere still maintains some of its working class nature: unlike the left bank embellished by grand buildings, fountains and churches here we’ll find picturesque tiny houses overlooking small courtyards. Duration 3hrs.

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