Castel S.Angelo and the Renaissance quarter

When we think about Rome we immediately associate the Eternal City to its most iconic image, the Colosseum, but we should not miss Castel S.Angelo which is the monument that best illustrates Rome’s history and evolution from the antiquity to the 19th century.

Initially built in II AD as the tomb of emperor Hadrian, this grand mausoleum was badly plundered after the fall of the Rome in V AD and mostly used as a buttress into the city walls. Castel S.Angelo rebirth started in early Renaissance when the Popes transformed the ancient mausoleum into their beautiful and impregnable fortress where to seek refuge during invasions: conquering the castle meant taking the Pope which at its turn meant conquering Rome. It also served as a prison and place for executions: its dark vaults and corridors still mantain nowadays a certain gloomy atmosphere.

Lastly, the top terrace offers one of the best views over the city.

After the castle visit will continue with a stroll along the streets of the Renaissance heart until Campo dei Fiori square. (tour lenght 3hrs)

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