Rome for kids

Though Rome is not “the” city  for kids here’s a list of suggested places. Villa Borghese an historical  and very central park that houses the Zoo, train rides,  bike rentals and the Casina di Raffaello (a museum, playground and area for exhibits. Most of the activities are in Italian). Villa Pamphily the largest city park,Continue reading “Rome for kids”

Travel tips: the Vatican city

VATICAN CITY STATE Dress code and photography If you are planning a visit there prepare yourself to go through security checks as you leave the country! (Italy) No sharp objects (pocket knives, scissors and the like). Water is allowed as long as it’s in plastic, positively no glass bottles. Restrictions for long umbrellas with tipsContinue reading “Travel tips: the Vatican city”

The Basilica of San Clemente

It begins, as so many things in Rome begin, with a stout foundation of antique travertine, and rises high, in delicately quaint mediaeval brickwork – little tiers and apertures sustained on miniature columns and adorned with small cracked slabs of green and yellow marble, inserted almost at random. Henry James, Italian Hours The quotation fromContinue reading “The Basilica of San Clemente”