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A short biography

I am professional tour guide in Rome and I  started my guiding activity in 1995.

Born and raised in Rome after graduation in Humanities at  Rome’s university  I started my tour guide activity and became an Official City Guide. Since then I have worked for major tour  companies as well a lot of  individual travellers, families, little parties .

At university I specialized  in language  studies and I ‘m  always  been  fascinated  by  the tales,  novels and diaries  of travellers who came to Rome to explore the ruins of the Eternal City, and when the chance to become a tour guide was offered to me I did not hesitate to accept: the idea of meeting those travellers and to help them to discover the wonders of Rome was enticing .

Besides my work I also love cooking, travelling, biking and running. I run several races including the Rome marathon in 2016. I am also the proud mother of two marvelous children, Lisa and Lorenzo.

I consider myself fortunate since my work offers the possibility of meeting so many  people everyday from all countries, to get different points of view and exchange ideas. 

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Instagram: aleromeguide


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